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23 Jun 2004, 9:26 am


I just thought I'd introduce myself - I just got diagnosed with asperger's yesterday, actually - and everyone keeps asking me how it feels and I can't tell them - I guess I'm still in shock over the whole thing . . . it explains so much, but is still so hard to deal with - I mean, I had thought all my life that I'd find the right medication or the right person and then I'd be normal . . . so much for that . . . I don't know if I want to live the rest of my life lonely like I am all the time . . .
But I've spent 15 years trying to figure out what in the hell is wrong with me, so now I know . . .
Anyway, I found out about this board off of - so if my whining sounds familiar, that is why . . .

Other information about me - I'm a mental health researcher/evaluator/teacher - but right now I'm unemployed due to funding cuts . . . I'm also an animal rights advocate and, relatedly, a Christian vegan . . .
I care for seven companion rats and eight companion cats who are my children . . .
I live in the state of Texas, which is proof of my masochistic tendencies seeing as how vegans are not well tolerated here . . . :lol:

A couple of the people I like to be around (I've come to believe I'm incapible of having friends like other people) are taking me out to lunch, so I'd best get myself in gear for that . . .


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23 Jun 2004, 12:10 pm

Welcome to! Don't be so hard on yourself. No one is normal, some people are just more normal than others. You seem to have friends that you are going out with, so you shouldn't feel lonely. Be really happy! :) I understand it can be hard to be different, but we here at Wrong Planet can help with problems you have fitting in or dealing with friends. Keep a smile on your face, keep posting here, keep going out with friends, and you will start feeling better. Everyone has low points in their lives, and the only thing you can do is try to get back to a high point, or just get to a high point if you haven't reached one yet. Once again, welcome!

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