"Calm down, calm down" - Terry Sullivan on trial f

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15 Nov 2011, 1:53 pm

Anyone seen this?

Brookside actor Brian Regan 'took cocaine' as man was shot

Ex Brookside star Brian Regan has said he was snorting cocaine as a man was shot dead in Liverpool.

The former actor, who denies murder, told Liverpool Crown Court how he had turned to using and dealing the drug after leaving the soap.

But he said he did not know the man he had driven to a pub had murdered club doorman Bahman Faraji, 44, who was shot in the face in February.

Arr 'ey, he didn't do notton! ;)

Still, if he's not guilty, his story would make a great bewchh. ;)


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15 Nov 2011, 3:05 pm

I read this in the paper. Poor Terry, not only did Michelle Collins dump him for that duff bloke, but he was coerced into a cult and brainwashed into thinking Barry Grant was the devil....no wonder he is snorting now