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06 Dec 2011, 7:35 am

Thebest way is not to talk about it but discover it for yourself. Start off with what do you think that's easy for you and then work your way up. Reasonably.

Find that everything in maths is connected - understand and feel the shape of those formulas, the rythm of steps to go from A to B. Everything in maths is meaningful and thus there is no need for memorizing or it can be aided a lot by understanding, logical connection. It might come across as too formal (?) but know that there is a very good point behind everything in it. If you are a visual person then it might be a good idea trying to picture everything which is plausible in high school maths. Maths is not complicated it is very easy but it might become unnecessarily complicated if one talks about it too much, just skip the words and try and do it for yourself and then go back to check interpretation. It is a language of its own - a very beautiful and immensely profound language. But also requiring a lot of hard work, dedication and patience.

To sum it up - don't try to think too much how to understand it, or dive into philosophy and other BS. Just go and have fun with it, build a personal relationship based on trust because math is true.