Eco-Nazi teacher saves Earth by torturing kids

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08 Dec 2011, 7:44 am

the Health and Safety Executive had no issue with the temperature so i sincerely doubt that any of the rooms were particularly cold.

HSE guidelines state a minimum temperature of 16°C


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08 Dec 2011, 8:31 am

The Sun is pretty much the U.K. version of The National Enquirer. Except that they write about and sensationalize everything, not just celebrity gossip.

European newspapers in general tend to write with more *ahem* "flair" than their U.S. counterparts.
For example, an American headline might read "Four Dead in House Fire". The same headline in the U.K. might read "Horror Fire - Family Burned in Their Beds".
They like to (over)use words such as horror, shock, tragic, nightmare, etc.


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08 Dec 2011, 8:51 am

I'm also running an experiment this winter; I want to see what makes better fuel, liberal BS or conservative BS.

In my case, the liberal BS is freely available in the form of such fine (and free!) local papers as The Stranger and The Seattle Weekly. Now this isn't liberal BS in it's purest form, The Stranger in particular often contains some good reporting, but it's also stuffed with BS, most of it liberal. Conservative BS is harder to come by locally, so I've taken to scrounging copies of Watchtower and other religious solicitations I can acquire freely from my neighborhood. Again, religious texts aren't conservative BS in it's pure form, but they should suffice for testing purposes.

So far, the liberal BS has burned hot and fiery at first, but soon dies down and produces a ton of ash that clogs the grate and impedes airflow. The conservative BS, printed on heavier paper and cardstock, doesn't burn with the same fire at first, but burns a bit longer if no less messily. The liberal BS is winning on availability alone so far, but if the conservative version was more freely available, I think a mix of the two would provide optimum wood starting and stove preheating potential. It's mostly just fun that I've harnessed the power of partisan BS to produce useful heat, if at relatively low efficiency and with noxious emissions.

Perhaps the school in the article could take a similar tack, England certainly is awash in untapped BS reserves these days.

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