Help finding an Aspie Girl Near Lincoln, Nebraska

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12 Dec 2011, 11:34 pm

so, im super interested in meeting aspie girls who live near me. maybe we'd hit it off and both mutually like each other :D. iuno.. the thought of being with someone who is like me is very appealing, especially since i really like helping people and would gladly lend an ear to others struggles that they might have (that i can relate to :P).

my 'bio' in the singles list is here *click me*. if you know of someone who is an aspie girl looking for a guy to meet to maybe date and see where it goes, maybe you could be super pro and direct them to my profile :D. i'd be glad to send anyone pictures of myself, and link people to my okcupid page if someone is interested.. i just didnt want to do it on the forum.

anyone have any ideas of how i could meet girls with aspergers who live in or around lincoln nebraska? are there typically some sort of asperger's groups or something that i could maybe meet girls?

iuno, it seems like the odds of me actually finding someone with aspergers are about as low as winning the lottery where i live XD