'Accident' at School . . . What to Do, Doubting our Choices

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27 Dec 2011, 8:59 pm

Chronos wrote:
I would most certainly put a recording device in his backpack.

Personally I think this is an awesome idea but I would not want to cause an international incident!


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27 Dec 2011, 10:22 pm

My thoughts are at this point since he will be getting an new teacher is to keep him where he is, I think being with the same kids will be very important, consistency is so needed for little aspies.

the teacher may have had an 'off' day as well, not sure how often this happened.

But make sure he feels comfortable to tell you if things like this happen again. Even if there isn't actual abuse happening, if his perception is that he's not being treated with respect and care there is a need there to help him with that. It's not just about what is physically happening to our children, it's so important to keep monitoring what their perception is and how they are handeling things in that area.

for example, my son's perception is that he is not liked by the other children although I see kids every morning saying hi to him as he enters school. So he's not being disliked, at least not as much as he thinks he is, doesn't mean that I don't have work to do to help him work with the issue of believing that he's not liked.

Keep him talking, give him validation and concern and then (and this gets better as he gets older) help him come up with solutions for himself and then help him practice his solutions until he can do it on his own and then lot's and lots of praise.

Looks like I'm most likely and Aspie myself, must be why I can understand my beautiful Aspie son so well.
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28 Dec 2011, 3:40 pm

Just a thought - is there a possibility you could reach out to a Korean-American in the US to help you with the language stuff? I'd imagine with a bit of googling you could find someone who might appreciate the opportunity to flex their language skills, and who might have a better understanding of where you're coming from culturally.

There are several dual-language Korean/American school programs in California. Maybe their PTA can put you in touch with a student who'd be discreet and willing to help.