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30 Jan 2012, 11:20 pm

We solved it already man.


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31 Jan 2012, 1:09 pm

naturalplastic wrote:
Definitely NOT Numb3rs.

Way too Sci-Fi and fantastic for that show which is your basic mean streets dective show with an interesting math-geek slant.

Couldnt tell you what it was.

Unless maybe it was that new show I tried to tape last week but somehow messed up and failed to tape.

That Fox show starring Keiffer Sutherland as a dad with a strange autistic-like little boy who is obsessed with number patterns but never speaks. But the kid - ends up saving the
World or something. Im curious about this show Im talking about- was it one shot? Or a new series? Forget what the title was.

Probably not the same show your looking for but they both have autistic angle.

That sounds like this show from the Scifi channel called Eureka. I'm pretty sure the show in question was 11th Hour. Thanks for all your help.

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