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21 May 2012, 10:48 am

NeantHumain wrote:
Kraichgauer wrote:
I've had the same problem, especially back in my college days. One class I took called Myth , Magic, And Ritual (which is just a jazzed up way to say Primitive Religions), where I was deemed the "class conservative," even though constantly was having to tell everyone that I was nothing of the sort. While in an Anthropology class, one guy who I had become friendly with, who was a self described conservative, had been surprised when I had told him I was a liberal. He had honestly thought I was conservative like him! It might have been because I have a tendency to walk ramrod straight, which had caused a friend in a history class to ask if I was former military. I am not.

Besides walking in goosestep formation, was there anything else that may seem to indicate to others, including conservatives themselves, that you are conservative? What about your style of dress? I've noticed young conservatives tend to either wear plaid (not like hipsters, though) or dress in suits or other formal attire with short-cropped hair. Their appearance and attitude are more "conventional" by far than needed for the situation, especially if young. What about taste in music, movies, and other entertainment?

I had admittedly cropped my hair fairly short back then, and have always dressed simply in tee shirt and jeans. Today, I shave my head (but because of hair loss, not because of a political statement), but I also wear a goatee, and wear ironically nerdy, black rimmed glasses.

-Bill, otherwise known as Kraichgauer