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26 Jan 2012, 7:06 pm

I just read that article about Autism/Asperger's treatment in France. It was very interesting, and I gave it 5 stars.

I would like to say, though, that "packing" also goes on here in America. I've come across it in reading, in TV news articles, and in docu-dramas about it being used on children and adults who are acting out very emotionally, and somewhat out of control. It makes the news occasionally when someone who has been "packed" dies from it. Sometimes they overheat, sometimes they smother, and sometimes they struggle too much against the binding and against the people holding them, causing too much of a strain on their hearts and lungs. Sometimes chilled sheets or blankets are used, to try to prevent the overheating.

Personally, I consider "packing" to be a faulty method of calming and controlling someone who is acting up, as it breeds a great deal of lasting resentment. I think it is far better to put them in a quiet room with the lights dimmed down a little, to let them calm down on their own. I recall being held during some of my own childhood meltdowns, and how much I resented being restrained. The resentment did not go away after I eventually calmed down. On the contrary, I still feel it now, down the long years since then--I am in my 50s now. If there is concern that someone acting up might hurt themselves or others, just put them in a quiet, dim room, without a lot of stuff in the room for the person to break. Give the person a blanket, too, for comfort, but do not "pack" them. Restraining people can have long term negative psychological effects. And occasionally it can kill people.

As for France's "methods" of treating people on the spectrum, they should be ashamed of themselves, and those quacks posing as psychiatrists and psychologists should be locked up--either in jail, or in a mental hospital!

I ran into two problems when I read the article. I wanted to sign the petition mentioned in the article, but couldn't find a link to it. Also, I was intending to make this post right from the article, but there was no post button attached to the article. I hope someone fixes these problems soon. I know I am not the only one interested in spectrum issues. WP is proof of that.

P.S. I like WP. I also like that WP has a big variety of sub forums here, including, but not just about spectrum issues.

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27 Jan 2012, 3:10 am

Here's the petition! ... cs-france/
Thank you for caring about us.


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11 Jul 2015, 2:08 pm

A sensory room is the best place for overload until the person calms down and sensory regulates. :idea: