Getting help from Disability Support Services in University

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29 Jan 2012, 10:25 pm

I'm thinking of trying to get assistance from Disability Support Services at my university.

I'm in an entry level Russian course. I am having no problems at all with the language itself (I speak two languages fluently and one at an intermediate level, so Russian is my 4th). The problem is the cursive writing, which is VERY difficult for me to write. It literally takes minutes to write a word legibly, often takes multiple tries. Even with some practice.

We have to do all our tests and homework in written Russian cursive. I don't even know how to write in Latin alphabet cursive... so I suppose Russian is the only alphabet I can write in cursive (albeit at a painfully slow pace).

The thing is I don't want to go around it and just always type, I do want to try getting it down. The thing is, I really really think I might need extra time for tests and stuff like that. Do you guys think I should go to Disability Support Services at my university? Is it likely they will accommodate me? Has anyone else done similar due to their handwriting? Diagnosis is aspergers. Do most universities accommodate for it? Is there anything I should have with me when I go in?

I'm also a little worried, because I know DSS at my university sucks pretty bad, my ex and tons of other people I know had nothing but bad things to say about them.


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29 Jan 2012, 10:27 pm

They might give you extra time, they might want you to type it instead. They should do *something* about it though!

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