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17 Apr 2005, 1:11 am

oi, you! i do use proper punctuation, if you don't mind - read "Eats shoots and leaves" by Lynne Truss (i kid you not) for how to punctuate properly. i am (quote) "the rottweiler of punctuation". so there.

i may not have an undying love affair with the capital letter, of course, but then what's good enough for e.e. cummings is good enough for me. i don't use upper case in my poetry, either.

and it has often been said that i'm a great duck. apparently, i give good quack. i thank you.

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17 Apr 2005, 11:19 am

gwynfryn wrote:
Duncvis, it seems to me my first post on this thread has been edited! Quite apart from the fact that it's against international copyright law (I hope, Nuttdan, that you are paying attention; it's the site owner who pays the fine, not the "moderator") I would like to think that WP is a place where people can post without taking an advance copy?

Speaking of witch, especially given the poor turnout on this thread; has no one else noticed the style similarity between vetivert and rhubarbnocustard...but what the hell; I've given up on other sites, but up until now I'd taken WP to be at least "open" but I'm not sure about anything right now. So tell me Dan, Alex, am I wasting my time visiting your site?

I own the site. Nuttdan does not. I didn't edit your post and I don't know what you are talking about. Duncvis said he didn't edit the post either.

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