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17 Jun 2013, 7:51 am

Fallacies :x


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17 Jun 2013, 5:39 pm

With related items grouped, but in otherwise no particular order:

* People who hug in public, and continually rub salt into the wounds of us
* People who hug in public, on a train, in the middle of peak hour when it's 1°C outside.
* People who hug, period.

* People who think that everything that they get is free, and that there is no reason for them to pay for it.
* People who get the world handed to them on a silver platter

* People who fail to work to their full potential, even though the leader of the group genuinely believes he is due to a large act.

* People who say they can't get the train, but then do.
* People, on the train who state that they should have a seat, when it is peak hour, and you can not get up.

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18 Jun 2013, 5:37 pm

When people are mean to each other.
when people are excluded.
When people fight
Social Convention Rules
Unstated Rules
When people are phony and fake
When people are not genuine
Cyber bullying
Bullying in general
Relational Aggression
When people are cocky, conceited, self-centered and always try to show off
When people take things to seriously
When people are over the top competitive
When people are picky
When people are judge mental


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20 Jun 2013, 9:21 pm

People who are capable of speed walking extremely slowly
People who show more than just affection in a public place
Deeming your worth and 'popularity' on how many parties you went to or how long it takes for you to get drunk
Athletes who let others know how amazing they are at manipulating a sphere-all the time
People who show off how they won genetic lottery
People who don't feel they should try

I can't say complaining because in some way this probably counts as complaining. :roll:


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25 Jun 2013, 6:30 am

When after writing a paragraph's responce to a message, the reciever, who then gains that message, thinks it is such a clever idea to respond to that, in a sentence that only ends up consisting of 1-8 words! :x

When people stand behind, by the side, or infront of me, when they can clearly see how busy I really am.

When people do the same as the above whilsts having a mouth full of food.

When people swallow drinks, not the normal swallowing but more of the forced "gulping".

When people suddenly accuse me of arguing/shouting when I was basically talking in a monotone voice...

When somebody tries to physically beat me and to get the blame for doing the exact thing they just did...

When someone judges me on the spot.

When you have a bunch of haters thrashing on your favorite youtube video for such things that sound as nonsensical as what a babbling baby may come out with. "Omg, JB gay booooy LOL!1111!" - Here's an example. Talk about spam, un-related hate comments are the ones to annoy me the most, watch a video that only centers around cats, just to get someone going off at people for disliking Skrillex...

When people look at me an constantly assume I am sad.

When I cannot remember numerous amounts of new vocabulary which I have learnt the previous day. (I am quite into my English skills.)

When I cannot, no matter how hard I try, seem to get the anatomy right on a cartoon character! (I mean, trying to draw a picture of Dilbert picking up Catbert by his looked more like a strangle than anything!)

When I stay awake for too long during the nights. Switching off on a school night has GOT to be the worst.

When someone knocks the connection to my wireless modem out! (Gah, 50 times I had to re-persition it already!)

Here's another one, incorrect grammar and spelling. Looking at my last sentence, I can already tell that I spelt "re-persition" wrong!

When people keep trying to annoy/bother me for their own amusement!

Also, when people act rude to others all because of their looks/popularity! I mean, seriously people? You are literally going to judge someone before you can even get to know them! Makes me soooo mad....

---I will post some other ones later....---