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18 Feb 2012, 6:19 pm

When was the last time you were jealous? How did you solve this problem?


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25 Feb 2012, 1:46 am

Last time, a few days ago. How I solved the problem. I think knowing what jealousy can do to you mentally, it makes me wanna find something else to focus on before it drives me insane. Typically whenever I've been jealous I've ended up in fights or punched walls etc. Now I'm slightly better and just find other things/people to be around so those jealous thoughts/feelings fade for the day.

For example if it's jealousy over a girl being with another guy, that one is harder to get past but not impossible. I'm not really one for the whole 'if she's happy then be happy for her' cause I'd rather be the one making her happy. But, I won't be a jerk and sit wishing for them to break up so I get a chance. I just think of jealousy as being a weakness in this case and sometimes girls like it in a guy but it can be too much at times too. So just focusing on beating the feelings by doing other things helps a lot.

Another example would be people getting everything you want. Currently that's happening with all my friends, they're getting the lives they currently want. I do get jealous of it but I realise despite all my problems, (eg: not being able to go out a lot, socialising, fears etc) I have a chance of overcoming them and getting what I want in life too. It's easy to sit around and be jealous of anything but it drives you insane and in my opinion it's one of the worst feelings to experience. Kinda like having a bad headache, you take painkillers to ease it. You just gotta find the right 'painkiller' to ease jealousy. Boxing has always helped me, it lets me fight but not in any illegal kind of way so I get frustration out and can end up feeling physically too tired to be jealous anymore.

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25 Feb 2012, 2:22 am

If I'm jealous of something, anything, I try to forget about it and move on. I don't have the galls to try to face the obstacle, so I go around it and look to something else :tongue:


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26 Feb 2012, 11:58 pm

I listen to some rap, and forget about it.

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