Pokemon Black and White 2 is confirmed!

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23 Mar 2012, 10:00 pm

Rax wrote:
I just wonder what the plot is... and what will they do for new pokemon, how can they justify adding new pokemon that weren't in the orriginal, and why does your character lose all their old pokemon... Or do you keep them from your old game?

What I would like to see(Although this will never happen) is for Game Freak to add 50 new pokemon to the Unovadex that weren't there before so that the Gym Leaders can use more pokemon, and their teams won't cap out at 3 pokemon per gym leader. It would be nice to have harder, more meaningful gym battles in Unova.

Other than that, I hope they expand the battle subway to be more like the battle frontier in Emerald, preferably with triple battles as a possible format while also being a bigger part of the game, more post game features, and I just hope they do as outstanding of a job with it as they did with Black and White. It would be nice to see them outdo themselves again...


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02 Jun 2016, 9:09 pm

And to think: one day, X and Y will have remakes. Crazy, huh?

Maybe I'll come back in a few years. Who knows.
Heck, maybe my account can serve as some kind of time capsule for myself in the future.