High school versus elementary school

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Elementary or highscool
Elementary School 45%  45%  [ 19 ]
High School 55%  55%  [ 23 ]
Total votes : 42


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24 Jun 2018, 10:13 pm

Elementary, my dear Watson! In elementary school, or grade school or whatever it is they call it now, I was allowed to be myself, at least up until grades 5 or 6. Then you become a preteen, start junior high and everything goes downhill. You're no longer allowed to be a child but you're too young to be an adult. Suddenly you're supposed to have your whole world revolve around your social life, fit in with everyone, be obsessed with your superficial appearance and be boy-crazy. If you don't it's completely your own fault and you're a loser. Just like it's your fault if your grades drop like flies and you have anxiety problems so bad you miss school because just thinking of going there makes you feel ill. I would ask my mom why I was so different from other kids. She didn't know. Doctors didn't know. Nobody would know until I was in my late 20's and my life was nearly ruined.

I'm so glad we didn't have the internet back then. Eventually I couldn't go anywhere without being bullied. I couldn't go to the mall or walk through my own neighborhood. They also harassed me and my family members on the phone. Imagine how evil other teens would be if they could go online back then. at least those years are behind me and I don't have to put up with that anymore, but I still have a lot of hate towards the Karma Houdinis who made my life torture. :x