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17 Mar 2012, 5:08 pm

(im sorry if this is in the wrong field, i didnt know where to put it - move it if you want).
Hey, in a recent forum post of mine seeking help i kept getting a lot of people asking about how come i know 7 aspies in real life well heres the scoup.

I moved around a lot!!

In primary school i moved out to this place called Berry Spring where we had a school of 800 Kids.
We had twins and Autistics and omg ASPIES too =) it was awesome we were 800 misifits from about 6 communities all going to school together. Rarely did i have any friends...
Then there was Si, now my big brother but my 1st aspie friend. 13 years later were still best friends.

Then In highschool i met a girl named (we'll call her Sreen). Sreen has an older autistic sister she didnt find out till 2 years ago, that she had AS... weve been friends 6 years now.

Early last year i startved University and i ended up in a class called Multi media.
Anyways there was this guy who started talking to me. within a few hours conversation he told me he had Aspergers Syndrome. Id never heard of the Term before only cause Screen and Si had never mentioned it to me before.

Then Came Jaedee or Steve as i like to call him on here. my NT friends best friend.

Then through him i met his aspie mate Andrew.

and turns out Si was dating a girl we'll call Shii who also has aspergers.

then I met online a guy we'll call Jay, who is friends with Steve, who also has Aspergers Syndrome.

I made a new friend recently, her names Ella for now, and she also has AS... I met her through a church group i go to sometimes (when i feel like it).
and she works with Autistic children.

So thats Si, Sreen, Guy from uni, Steve, Andrew, Shii, Jay and Ella so wow thats now 8 aspies I know!!

thing is i met them all up here in Darwin NT, Yeah idk but co-insidently Darwin has a huge aspie/autistic population.

Really go figure... theyre all my mates =) oh n they all look at me as one of them

All these aspies btw like to get to gether and go out and have drinks together I dont know dont ask me but my aspie friends are very social when in public and together haha =)

I love them and I hope this answeres a lot of peoples questions about how i know so many aspies...


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17 Mar 2012, 8:02 pm

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