Super Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken

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25 Mar 2012, 6:15 am

Didn't see a thread for these two, so I thought I'd make one. What console do you guys play on and who are your mains? What do you think of either game? Mad about the disc-locked content?

I play on PS3 and I'm still a newb. I just got back into SF a few months before AE came out. I'm terrible with links, but I feel comfortable with the fundamentals and footsies.
SSF4: Ibuki/Sagat
SFxT: Trying to make Ibuki work without her vortex. Still haven't found a partner for her. Was thinking of learning Rufus.

When SFxT came out, I was a little irritated about Mega Man. MM fans have been begging for him. After not getting him in Mahvel and MM Universe being cancelled we get a middle aged, fat, terrible box art turd. I feel like it was a giant middle finger to fans.

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13 May 2012, 12:06 pm

I really like Super Street Fighter 4, but I think I enjoy Street Fighter X Tekken more.

System: PS3
SSF4: T. Hawk (B Rank)
SFxTK: Guile and Zangief (D+ rank)

I usually tend to gravitate towards big heavy grapplers in fighting games, so in SSF4 I main T. Hawk, the Mexican guy who looks like a Native American. I don't know any crazy combos with him, but I can do a 720 rotation (Ultra combo) off a crouching light-kick.

When I first started playing Street Fighter X Tekken, I didn't like how unpolished it was compared to Super Street Fighter 4 (glitchy online, unbalanced gems), but I got used to it. I can pull of a combo that does 551 damage (that uses two meters) pretty consistently now, which is weird because I'm usually terrible at maximizing damage.

The on-disc DLC isn't really DLC at all, but I'm not really bothered by it.