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24 May 2014, 6:28 am

enso wrote:
My worst job ever was door to door meat salesman. They paid nothing unless we made a sale, their prices were horrible, their product only medium quality by supermarket standards, and we had to pay all expenses. If we went out and spent $20 in gas and made no money then we were out $20 for the day. There were days that happened.

Now to all this add in a typical Aspie going door to door. It was a huge thing to overcome and I had hoped by doing it for a while that would become easier but it never got any easier. I was desperate for cash at the time and willing to take any job. After 6 weeks I decided it was not worth the little money I was making and just stopped showing up.

Whoa that's rugged.

I sold security systems door to door for a minute right after I graduated college and that was the worst s**t deal of all times as far as I was concerned, but at least I got an hourly wage and didn't have to pay for expenses. Yours is definitely worse.

I know I made them a promise but those are just words, and words can get weird.
I think they made themselves perfectly clear.