Autism/Asperger's and Emotions: What emotions can you feel?

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08 Jul 2017, 5:26 pm

I have aspergers to I'm 12 turning thirteen soon but I know what you mean if get like actuall anger I feel it in my body literally it goes up to my brain and my anger makes me not think right like this teenager named Rheem he said he beat me up because he pushed me in a bush I pushed him 5 times it caused other crap like stuff with my mom and dad which was dum and a lie my dad said in anger why did know one tell me and I said he pushed me bush after he said I heard you got but beat when that's not what happened it got worse then a very good friend of mine named Brian I was going come at because someone said he said I did get get beat up to which was a lie also. I don't get bullied any more so people were angry about that so they said a lie. So I'm starting to think that people with aspergers may have high function but with that comes other things so I know what you mean by the way my name is Daniel

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08 Jul 2017, 6:05 pm

I feel most emotions. Sadness turns quickly into rage though. Pride is a hard one too, I'm more inclined to feel pleased. I have more trouble expressing than feeling emotions though and I think I feel many that NT's don't. I also don't understand dishonesty or disloyalty but I struggle with the idea of blind loyalty, like being loyal to a family member and taking their side when they are logically/technically wrong and someone else is right. I also don't really understand the seperation of love and like as I see them as different levels of the same thing. So the idea of loving someone when I dislike the things they do seems nearly impossible to me.