ratio male:female in savant-syndrome equals ratio in autism

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12 Apr 2012, 10:27 pm

Bloom wrote:
Rascal77s wrote:

Thanks Bloom. I think ALL minds are incapable of truly understanding the world in a way that differs from their biology. If the people on this forum were able to see the world in the way NT's do this forum wouldn't exist. It's not just the NT mind, it goes both ways.

Wow... that's actually a really profound point, thank you. :)

As a scientist - a scientist of the brain no less - you'd think I'd have this sentiment underwraps. Ha! ;)

Thank you, again. :)


I don't agree with THAT sentiment. This forum exist for much more besides being able to see the world in the way NTs do. In addition, I don't believe anyone is truly aware of the diverse abilities and disabilities that people on this forum posses.

*Just an opinion and should be taken as such