Personality Traits from Birth Order: true or false?

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Do you have the personality traits from birth order?
Yes 39%  39%  [ 20 ]
No 61%  61%  [ 31 ]
Total votes : 51


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25 Nov 2012, 1:30 am

I am the baby of the family. It says:

"Babies of the family are social and outgoing, they are the most financially irresponsible of all birth orders. They just want to have a good time. Knowing that these kids love the limelight, it's no surprise to discover that Billy Crystal, Goldie Hawn, Drew Carey, Jim Carey and Steve Martin are all lastborns.

While lastborns may be charming, they also have the potential to be manipulative, spoiled or babied to the point of helplessness.

"The last born is the one who will probably still have a pet name although he's 29 and has a masters degree," Leman says."

Waaaaay off for me! I am NOT social, extremely introverted, and hate the "limelight". I am not all that charming either. I do have a hard time budgeting money though.

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07 May 2013, 2:41 am

I'm not sure I believe in any of that

I'm giving it another shot. We will see.
My forum is still there and everyone is welcome to come join as well. There is a private women only subforum there if anyone is interested. Also, there is no CAPTCHA. ;-)

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