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28 Apr 2012, 2:24 pm

Ok, so seriously last night was some crazy s**t. Basically my GF was sick at her dorm, so I ended up going to the end of semester de-stresser party with a few of my friends instead. I was disappointed that she couldn't go, but I figured I should go and kill some time instead of moping around the house.

I left my cellphone at the house because it needed to be charged. When I got home, there were two texts from Trish (my GF) from an hour previous. The first said that she was feeling worse and was considering going to the ER. The second contained one word: "Going."

So one hastily scribbled note to my mother and one unauthorized joyride to the hospital at well above legal velocity later, I found her in a room at the ER, with an IV and one of those vital pattern resonance scanners (you know, the ones with the cardiograph and the beep-beep sound). Apparently her fever had gone above 103 F and wouldn't go down, which is why she decided to check herself in. She seemed ok when I talked to her, though, so after a few minutes I left, after making her promise to text me when she got the results of the tests back in the next couple of hours, and asking the nurse to make sure she didn't fall asleep without sending me a text first.

So I went back home and tried to catch some sleep. At about 0200 in the morning she called me saying she was being discharged. At this point the buses had stopped as well as SafeRide (a free taxi service offered by the city on weekends to help reduce DUI), and no one else in town could pick her up so I went there myself in the car. On the way out of the hospital parking lot I was pulled over by a patrol car that had been at the ER earlier, apparently the perp he arrested had been showing signs of mental instablity so he took her to the hospital and happened to leave right after me. I was freaking out, because the last thing I needed was a ticket while driving Mom's car, plus I had heard bad things from other people about the city police being hardasses (as opposed to the university's private police force, who are a bit more compassionate). Thankfully he didn't even ask for my license, he just told me that I had forgotten to turn on my headlights, I had been fretting over Trish so I kind of forgot. He recognized her from the waiting room and asked if I was taking her home, I said yes and he let me go without another word (although he did follow me part of the way back to make sure I stayed within the lines). I guess he understood that I was kind of frazzled at the fact that my girlfriend was in the ER, and that I had to go pick her up at that godforsaken hour, and was willing to forgive something minor like turning on headlights. If it matters any the lights from the parking lot were more than sufficient in that area, and I probably would have remembered if it were in a darker area and I noticed I couldn't see.

Anyways, she's fine now. The doctor said it was just a standard viral infection, it only got bad because her immune system had been compromised due to stress. (It's the week before finals and she had been working nonstop on a paper on the Gorin no Sho for her Japanese Society class. This is exactly what I warned her about, and she's getting a royal 'I told you so' the next time I see her.

So yeah, pretty eventful night. But at least no one can say I don't care about this girl, because I do, a lot, and I was worried into insomnia over this last night. She told me she didn't want me hugging or kissing her until she was certain she was no longer contagious, but trust me once her self-imposed quarantine's over I am going to hug her and not let her go until she promised not to scare me like that, ever again.

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