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Do you consider yourself disabled?
Yes - I consider myself disabled 42%  42%  [ 71 ]
No - I do not consider myself disabled 18%  18%  [ 31 ]
No - I consider myself differently-abled 30%  30%  [ 50 ]
Other 10%  10%  [ 16 ]
Total votes : 168


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09 May 2012, 1:01 am

FlintsDoorknob wrote:
I would consider my anxiety the biggest disability I have. Autism is considered a disability, technically, here. At least for the financial benefits from it. I also consider the trauma that causes the anxiety, and my hypersensitivities to be a disability. I can't do things like walk up escalators, or stares where I can see the floor, normally.

I don't think allergies can be considered a disability, but I've had a sinus infection for half a year now and it's really screwing me up more than anything I have experienced lately. :(

i can say from personal experience, that the longer you wait for definitive treatment, the harder it will be to fix. i waited that long one time [before Rx] until i just couldn't stand gagging on my own mucous all the time, but by that time the infection was so severe it had gotten down into my lungs, and i needed 4 repeated doses of the strongest bug killers before the chest/sinus infection abated, and i was weak and short of breath [with no sense of smell] for almost a year afterwards, my lungs and sinuses were permanently scarred. so after that, i learned my lesson and got the sinus infections treated promptly.


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09 May 2012, 2:50 am

marshall wrote:
People who have found a certain niche in life where they can fit in and feel happy fare a lot better than those who haven't.

True. In large part it comes by chance, not a personal trait. But you always have the possibility to help yourself.