Noticing and thinking about small things

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05 Jun 2012, 3:33 pm

I sometimes intentionally look for small things on things, just for fun really, but I don't notice things when I'm not thinking about it. About 6 months ago I brought a new DVD player, and just last week my cousin (who is NT) got the remote control to control the DVD player and suddenly noticed a button with a picture of a heart on it, and laughed because it was an unusual symbol to be seen on a remote control to a DVD player, but I hadn't noticed the heart on a button for all the 6 months I had the DVD player, considering I used it so many times.

Also I was in Tesco with my friends the other day, and we brought some sandwiches, then one of my friends started laughing, so I asked what was the matter and she pointed to a typo on the box the sandwich was in and said, ''look how they mis-spelt 'mayonnaise', they put 'mayonnasie','' and I never noticed until she pointed it out.

So I seem to miss small things, if anything.

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