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12 Jun 2012, 4:41 pm

Albirea wrote:
The same opinion I have on alcohol - I don't know why people would try them. They're filled with tar, for god's sake. And it actually takes some getting used to at first.

...All right, so there is nicotine and it is addictive. I'm not advocating drug abuse here, but if cigarettes taste so unpleasant at first, and all people are looking for in them is nicotine, why not make something that just dispenses nicotine? All the addiction without the lung damage! :lol:

The sucking of a cigarrette is a pleasant sensation too, plus the heat. There are electronic cigarrettes though, and I'm looking forward to try them.

And generally speaking I'm an occassional/social smoker. On my own I'll almost never smoke unless I'm particularily nervous or utterly bored, or when I notice it's been more than a month without smoking and I'll lose my tolerance to it if I let too much time pass. On the other hand, if I'm with my smoking friends I'll smoke with them, although at times it gets overwhelming so every other time I take little... bits? from their cigarrettes instead of lighting my own. Those days I can smoke 2-7 cigarrettes, ranging from an afternoon meeting to a night out.

I enjoy smoking. It gives me a very pleasant sensation, while not being a need.

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