what does your exercise routine/diet look like?

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30 Jun 2012, 6:12 pm

1000Knives wrote:
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1000Knives wrote:

As far as diet, well, so far adding more fat/cholesterol seems to be working out well. I'm not OCD regarding carbs, as in, I eat some throughout the day, but yeah, eating more fat works well for me, as far as keeping me less hungry. I've even tried vegan diets with a lot of carbs for a week or so at a time, and it just didn't work. I know one guy who eats like 4000 calories a day of mostly carbs, and he's super lean (and recommended such a diet to me), but that kinda thing doesn't work for me. I think most "hard gainers" problem is they suck at eating. I'm awesome at eating, haha.

As far as supplements, it depends. Most things in this world are unnatural. Typing stuff on Wrongplanet is unnatural. Most of the supps I want, are pretty natural. I'd really like to try Rhodiola Rosea and maybe Maral Root. Most of what I want is just herbs/herb extracts, but I'd preferably get the whole herbs and just make tea or whatever. As far as creatine, lots of whey protein, etc, kinda not smart in my opinion. Whey protein isn't bad really, though, but suggestions of taking like 300+ grams of protein a day seem asinine to me. But I try to solve most things naturally, with herbs, and it seems to work. One thing, I do like stimulants a lot, thus why so much caffeine. I have NVLD, and it helps me get faster mental processing, I probably should be on a ritalin or Adderall, as it helps people with NVLD, but I got no health insurance, so no prescription. So I kinda self medicate with lots of caffeine and other stuff. I just tried synephrine (bitter orange extract) today, and it works well, but it's a bit too jittery for me. But yeah, a lot is just self medicating my NVLD. Like it's weird, I can do hard physical labor all day, if it's just moving stuff or whatever, but social interactions, things that need quick reflexes/fast thinking, I tire myself out more than if I were moving boxes all day or lifting weights at the gym. Especially car work. Working on cars tires me out more than anytime I spend in a gym ever, just because it takes so much mental power.

The whole "high carb" thing works for some people, but they need a high carb tolerance and a very active lifestyle. I have relatives that eat tons of carbs and do not put on weight, me on the other hand, I can put away half a cow and not put on a gram and look at a piece of cake and go up 2 pants sizes.

I'm currently ingesting about 250g of protein per day along with creatine, fish oil, fat burners and a few things I don't really know what are and its working nicely for me except for one bad workout.

Going off your advice, though, I found lots of times where I thought I was "protein deficient" I was actually just fat/cholesterol deficient. I mean the extra protein is cool, but yeah.

EDIT, the synephrine I tried while cool feeling, gave me a headache. So I guess I can't take it. Try rye bread, though, it's better imo as far as "feel" goes, less insulin spike, etc.

Yeah, its a matter of getting enough fat to supply you with energy for most of the time, carbs for workouts and then protein for muscle building/repair. When I started I was told 1g of protein per lbs body weight, and I eat a little over that just because most of what I eat has protein in it. Getting about 1800 - 2000 calories from fat on a cutting diet is kind of hard without teh trace protein.

Not sure if I've had synephrine, checking my pills sec. No synephrine but I have a sky-high stimulant tolerance from taking like 4 - 6 of these per day for 6+ months http://www.t-nation.com/store/supplemen ... xtreme.jsp