Am I mentally unstable or is this normal to my aspergers

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02 Aug 2013, 9:53 am

turtleoverhare wrote:
I always feel like getting revenge a neighbour called the cops on me tonight no joke and now I feel like K**ling him, I can't help it either I just react so that's why I'm buying a kayak and going to spend everyday out in the ocean and only lift weights and sleep when I'm at home. Two wrongs don't make a right but I think if people in life had of treated me fairly than I wouldn't be the violent person I am today. I have a good nature when I'm not being walked on but people seem to walk on me and that's what's made me the way I am.
Kayaking is so awesome.

And you are right. Double negatives only hurt twice as bad. The cycle of violence stops with you.


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02 Aug 2013, 9:54 am

skibum wrote:
t don't spend a lot of time on these thoughts. When they come, acknowledge them and then let them go.

Excellent advice! This is the best way for handling many things.

And it gets easier when you have been through it a few times and found that you can let it go.

I also make the conscious choice to think about things that make me happy. So I will go for a walk on the beach or in the woods and think about cosmology, because that puts me in a good and happy state.

I have read somewhere that thinking angry thoughts about a person who wronged you is like drinking poison and hoping someone else will die. Your rage-filled, vengeful thoughts stress you and do nothing to them. Let them go, replace them with something positive.


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02 Aug 2013, 11:19 am

It gets worse, when you see that the people who bullied you in school move on and have a normal life. If that's within your reach too, you may get over it. If not, you'll never get over it because there's nothing to replace these memories with. If there's any way of getting something that feels like justice or retribution to you (short of killing them, I guess), act now. Years from now you'll regret that they got away with it and you still have to deal with the memories every f*****g day.


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02 Aug 2013, 11:21 am

^^You have a point there. That could burn in years to come.

I can't say that I have ever shat on my own doorstep.

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Emu Egg

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02 Aug 2013, 1:56 pm

The one thing that I find really helps my anger and frustration is running and most other kinds of excercise, would probably be in prison without it lol. xxxxxx :twisted: