Please help with constructive criticism?

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09 Jul 2012, 9:20 pm

I do a lot of singing/guitar playing and I've recently been invited to play publicly at a couple of events/places. I haven't played publicly in a loooooong time so I want to find out if I'm terrible before I agree. Can people give me their opinions please?

I know there are some mistakes, and the recording quality is terrible, but I know nothing about sound editing and I'm TRYING to redeem my perfectionist habits, so please be gentle with me... (Also, the weird blipping noises are someone rudely messaging me, and I couldn't be bothered to start the recording over :oops: )

There are some additional files on my account which people are welcome to listen to if they're so inclined, but they are things I haven't been practicing so they sound worse IMO. ... letting-go ... er-is-wide ... ant-for-me

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