Is an aspie tea party different from a regular tea party?

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14 Jul 2012, 2:31 pm

Is an aspie tea party (such as the one we had this afternoon as the ASCape group) different from a tea party where there are only average people? Let's see whether the following apply to the latter:

1. You forget to notify the host that you will be late.

2. You forget to aplogise when you arrive 2 hours late.

3. Within the first three minutes, one of your best friends does something which you misinterpret, and you hit him (three times). You do this in front of everyone, including all the new guys who have never met you or any of the others before.

4. After crying in the toilet, apologising to everyone and sort of apologising to your friend, you realise you're still emotionally unstable.

5.1. You go and huddle in a dark room and cry some more while the host brings you tea, and another friend lets you try out some suction cups to make you feel better.

5.2 The other guests discuss your problem for a moment or two, and then carry on with what they were doing.

6. You go back and apologise again. Someone offers to close the curtains for you because you're now wearing earplugs & closing your eyes.

7. When the curtains are closed, half of the other guests cheer in relief.

8. For one of them, it's too late. Her head is under a blanket and her ability to speak has dried up. You send her to the other room.

9. You've created a terrible first impression and established your dubious credibility. Now several newbies ask you for advice about life.

10. Everybody, including you, overstays there welcome, and the host asks you all to leave, feeling that the party has been a big success.

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14 Jul 2012, 10:11 pm

Sounds like my kind of party :P

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14 Jul 2012, 11:13 pm

Let's see whether the following apply to the latter

are you really looking for confirmation on this?