Being diagnosed in a foreign language?

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18 Jul 2012, 3:50 pm

Hello everyone

I have been reading for months with a lot of interest the posts in this forum. After years of not really knowing what was really going on with me I decided to go through all the procedure to have an official diagnosis of what I suspect to be a mix of AS and ADD. I am on a (long) waiting list awaiting for the procedure and something concerns me. Maybe someone that has gone through this procedure as an adult can help me.

The thing is that I am living now in a country different to the country where I was born in and grew up in, I emigrated a few years ago. I learnt the local language as my 2nd language and even though I am fluent at both speaking and writing it, I cannot explain or express myself to the same degree that I can in my mother language. Do you think this can affect the diagnosis or make it difficult to have it diagnosed? According to the centre you even have a couple of sessions with an orthopedagogist but how can they successfully rate or diagnose me when I make the usual mistakes one makes in a foreign language? People at the diagnosis centre told me that they could not reach a conclusion on this until I had started with the procedure. But I am impatient and this has been on my mind for quite a while. I would be grateful if someone has some feedback on this and opinions are also welcome :)

Thank you in advance to you all.