Is AS somehow linked to Narcissistic PD?

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23 Jul 2012, 12:36 pm

lady_katie wrote:
CWA wrote:
The big difference is that someone with NPD will manipulate the heck out of epople and use them to get what they want (narcissitic supply). Someone with AS likly would not be able to do that nor would they need to.

This might be the key difference that I'm looking for here. Are people with AS typically capable of manipulating people? I'm pretty sure that I have it, and I don't think that I know how to manipulate people. I can drop hints, but I don't think that's the same thing exactly. I also don't feel like I would never have a reason to manipulate anyone even if I could.

I knew an aspie in my teens who could manipulate. He did it through violence and if he didn't get his way, he would threaten to break things and would do it. he always went around bullying people and hurting people and teachers to get his way. Plus one of my former online friends who was diagnosed with autism in early childhood manipulated a mean person online to join a forum. I have done some good manipulation with my husband. I just have to know what turns him on and say I am going to do those things just so he can cum and the sex be over because he actually believed me. But then it stopped working because he then knew it was not going to happen.

Plus I knew another aspie online who had a pee fetish so he liked hearing other aspies pee and if you say no to him, he start to moan and sigh, his way of guilt tripping you to give in and do it. That is manipulation. He did that to one of my autistic friends and he stopped talking to him because of it. I didn't know he did that tactic until my friend told me about it.

So yes aspies can manipulate and there are different levels of manipulation and not all manipulation is bad. I also suspect my ex who was aspie may have manipulated me. For a while I just thought I was going crazy and my memory was bad because I couldn't recall I said this or that and he claims I did so he made me doubt myself and I would believe him. Then online I read about manipulation and this tactic popped up and I realized he may have done that to me. I even felt like I wanted to use a tape recorder so I can record every conversation we have and everything he says to me so i can go back and listen to see if I really said it or if he really said it. He would claim he never said this or that either.

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24 Jul 2012, 1:03 am

Dillogic wrote:
I don't know much about BPD (though lots of people say those with AS have empathy; he shows that they don't), but he states that the four/five disorders show similar levels of zero empathy with his neuroimaging studies, which he supplies a lot of evidence for. Said book is actually pertinent to this thread, being as it's partly about AS and NPD; shame he didn't touch on the fact that people can have AS + a PD that has zero empathy [how he defines it].

Most evidence indicates that autistic people (whatever their label) have normal affective empathy and impaired cognitive empathy. This is not a "zero empathy" state. Evidence for BPD using SBC's own tools shows that they actually likely have hypersensitive empathy, to the point that it interferes with their ability to read people correctly.

Said book is largely informed by SBC's strong biases, which tend to be misrepresentations.