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27 Nov 2006, 6:37 pm

it's one that i heard long time ago

i have no idea who sings it but i know the singer was a male

i don't know the name

or the lyrics execpt for like three words.

i've been searching for it for several years now and it could be the cause of my lack of sleep.

but i can narrow down the genre country or christian contempory that's what i listened to for most of my life.

the words i know are "some die with the music still inside them" it also might be rythmn intead of music it also might be song.

i've tried everything i could think of to find this song.

but with the lack of knowledge on it there's not much i can do.

i just raided my mom's tape box and i hope it's one of the ones i got but i doubt it.

"It's the song of destruction a requiem of the end" jr in xenosaga III