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06 May 2013, 9:24 pm

I have my motorcycle licenses

I have been riding dirtbikes since I was 10 sometimes I ride my dads harley. he wants to get another one so I can riding with him

I actually like the deep rumble of a vtwin

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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06 May 2013, 9:50 pm

I use to ride off-road bikes, four stroke Hondas. I kind of like the lower pitched sound they make,
did not like the sound of the YZ Yamaha. I hate high pitched sounds.
I sure liked the sound of straight piped v8 powered dirt track cars I raced in the late seventies.(sb chevs 283s)
I think wearing a good helmet muffled out the high frequency waves.
I have never rode with traffic much so I don't know about traffic noise.
Mind you I rode on the rode enough to be cut off a couple of times.
If I ever rode a street bike I would be a hard tail with straight pipes so maybe cars
would hear me.


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06 May 2013, 9:53 pm

How did I miss this thread?! I'm a motorcycle enthusiast and ride nearly daily. The sound of a motorcycle is one that I like because I like motorcycles so much. However, I could never deal with having pipes that were too loud on my bike. And I do cringe when it comes to loud pipes, but I also get a rush too.

It took me a lot longer to master balance than most I think. I had a lot of drops on a small bike starting out. And I still ride a bike that's only 600cc due to balance and handling.

I mainly ride on low traffic, low speed roads. I would never take it on the freeway and I avoid multi-lane busy streets as much as possible.

The whole balance and shifting gears thing is something that takes a lot of trial and error. I guess you either master it or you don't. I still screw up on shifting sometimes. Especially forgetting to shift it back to fist gear at a stop sign/light.

I always take it slow and easy when riding. I don't think I could manage one of those "crotch-rocket" type of bikes.


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07 May 2013, 3:09 am

briankelley wrote:
How did I miss this thread?!

It was "dead", and I "revived" it again. I am thinking now about the frequency of the subsequent motorcycling lessons. After two months I have summer holidays for 7 weeks. Until that summer holiday, I may take 3 lessons, and in the summer holiday itself one lesson in each two weeks (that would be 4 lessons in total). I maybe ready for the vehicle control exam (in Dutch: examen voertuigbeheersing). After that, I will ride on the road.

The bike that I use for practicing during the lessons, is a Honda Hornet, a heavy motorcycle.

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Emu Egg

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17 Mar 2018, 12:39 pm