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09 Aug 2012, 11:44 am

I am stressed out. I either don't talk at all, or I ramble and talk and talk and jump from topic to topic.

Basically, when I am with people I'm friends with, I can't stop talking once I start. But when I am with people I don't know, I don't speak at all.

I need some balance.

How do I talk less with the people I'm friendly with? Because talking in itself exhausts me and makes me prone to periods of near or complete non-verbal episodes.

How do I calm down on the talking?

When I am quieter, I get less exhaustion and I feel calmer.

I've been helping out at my dad's office for the past couple of months and I am actually looking forward to finishing because I end up talking so much to my dad's secretary and the other boss' secretary (we are friendly with each other because they are open-minded and helpful, and always nice to me) that when I get home I am exhausted and barely communicate with the other people at home (I live in supported housing).

Help please.

I am a partially verbal classic autistic. I am a pharmacology student with full time support.