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12 Aug 2012, 5:10 pm

wogaboo wrote:
Max000 wrote:
wogaboo wrote:

1) poor social skills-bleaching his skin white and then thinking he could fool people into thinking he had a skin disease.

That describes Body Dysmorphic Disorder, not Autism. And poor social skills does not = Autism. Autism is far more complicated then that. And I don't see the connection or much relevancy in most of you other points either.

The autism was that he lied about things that everyone knew were not true. For example he claimed he only had 2 cosmetic operations when everyone could see he had more than a dozen. He didn't know how obvious his lies were because he seemed to lack theory of mind.

Please do some research. Pathological / compulsive lying is not a trait of Autism. Most Autistics are honest and tell the truth.

Traits of Autism

No or little speech
Non-speech vocalizations
Delayed development of speech
Echolalia: speech consisting of literally repeating something heard
Delayed echolalia: repeating something heard at an earlier time
Confusion between the pronouns "I" and "You"
Lack of interaction
Lack of eye contact
Lack of response to people
Aggressive behavior due to anxiety and/or frustration
When picked up, offering no "help" ("feels like lifting a sack of --potatoes")
Preoccupation with hands
Flapping hands/ this may be accompanied by jumping up and down with excitement
Balancing, e.g. as if standing on a fence
Walking on tiptoes
Extreme dislike of certain sounds / may hold hands over ears
Extreme dislike of touching certain textures
Dislike of being touched / close contact
Either extremely passive behavior or extremely nervous, active behavior
Extreme dislike of certain foods
Behavior that is aggressive to others
Lack of interest
Desire to follow set patterns of behavior / interaction
Desire to keep objects in a certain physical pattern
Repetitive behavior
Self-injurious behavior
Ritualistic behavior

Reference: Public Autism Awareness


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12 Aug 2012, 5:37 pm

No, rates are the same for all races.


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13 Aug 2012, 1:06 am

wogaboo wrote:
AspieOtaku wrote:
I think its just that white people are just more prone to having mental disorders hence the saying "white people are crazy".

I've read that the rates of mental hospitalization are highest for African Americans and lowest for asian Americans. But then I don't think autistics are crazy; just the opposite: they're not crazy enough.

What's because European Americans tend to screw up diagnosis. There was this case of a black schitzophrenic guy talking about killings loads of people. The white people believed him at face value. The ONE black psychologist called i as BS. :lol:

Declension wrote:
There's maybe a hidden idea underlying this topic, which I know is an idea that is very offensive to some people here:

Can having a hard life allow you to overcome or suppress many of your AS traits?

I know that's offensive, because it sounds like "just harden up and get over it", which many people cannot do.

I'm calling bullshit on this too. Black and Aspie as well.

EDIT: I remember one of the Soviet scientist characters in one of Solxhensityn's (fiction I think; not Gulag Archipelago) novels had Aspie traits.

EDIT 2: You could argue that stressed societies will let some things go free or go by. i.e. an aspie male who has a hard time finding a mate might find it easier after a major war with a lot of "competition" literally dead. Imagine an undiagnosed Aspie Russian or Ukrainian or Belarusian in post-WWII USSR with the advantages for him from that POV and the social dislocation of the war removing any annoying traditions from him.

EDIT 3: That and explaining away idosyncracies as "war trauma" or whatnot. I dunno. This is all extrapolation anywya.

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