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09 Aug 2012, 2:50 pm

The person I'm talking about is someone unknown who I've seen on the bus and the rail-way station who actually gave me quite a very odd impression which I could actually not interpret rightly but felt like talking about, the impression was so odd I had to make a thread about it.

The guy seems like the skinnier sporty clean type and looked quite fashionate. Now the thing with this guy is that he always gave me these weird style of eye contacts, he looks you deeply into the eyes for a second with some sort of "what am I looking at"-vibe coming off, his eyes were like sticking out and his face looked kind of scared but he had a thing with always kind of looking at people strongly, sort of giving a scary vibe (or at least at me), like maybe he is scared of us, or he wants to scare us, I dunno.

But the first impression I got from this guy was that he was arrogant, he didn't feel like he was shaky or uncomfortable in his movements, but he had an addiction to looking at people's eyes and giving them sort of weird vibes, not really angry vibes, but more like scared vibes, he basically spent his time looking everyone in the eyes for a couple of moments. His looks did not give me a good feeling, I think usually shy people avoid eye-contact, but this guy was sort of giving everyone the sort of "please don't get near me"-looks, while he seemed like a calm type of person and I certainly didn't feel he was anxious when he wasn't looking. His movements were smooth and slow and it looked like he came from a sport-session or something. He didn't struck me as nerdy or aspie at all. He was quite model-ish looking.

But tbh, was this guy just really shy or a bit arrogant?