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21 Aug 2012, 4:35 am

I have seen handicapped people working hard to survive on this planet
people without hands are using feet to draw and paint
blind people work as typist etc
deaf people work in telephone booths
there are some people without legs who are into dance and sports

so if they can buckle up and find ways to fight it out in this world
similarly can we do something to succeed socially and professionally.
I have changed three profession and now i dont want to be a failure

I am a flop case i cant handle my son well, i cant run my family well,
we keep going into financial mess from time to time
careerwise i work for a NGO teaching slumkid english the work atmosphere is
gross the place stinks, there is not much support and we have to make do with minimum
things whether teaching aid or classroom facilities

I dont have social life, neither friend, neither relatives. its just work and home.

What strategy will help me come out of rut and do some exemplary work

The only thing right in this wrong world is