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29 Aug 2012, 2:34 pm

I am an undiagnosed Aspie, or a very Aspie-like NT. Still never sure.
-I stand very awkwardly when standing naturally- my right leg is crossed over my left and my right foot is at a 120 degree angle from my left foot, about three inches ahead. This is how I stand, but as soon as I notice it I try to correct it.
-I walk weirdly at times - sometimes I just randomly go up on tiptoes, or walk kind of a loose, weird wandering way. (Nice alliteration, eh)
-I like to watch people sideways.
-I start to become more distant in intense light or sound or whatever. I'm not totally gone, and it doesn't affect me the rest of the day, but one minute I'll be annoyed that everyone is being so noisy or that the lighting is off, and the next minute I'm just staring off into space chewing on my cheek.
-I chew my fingernails to calm down. It gives me something to do besides brood over how unfair something is.
-I don't have much empathy. For example, when my little sister is hurt, my reaction is 'get over it! You're ruining my [concentration, day, outing, song, etc.] I don't say that, though.
-I tend to think well when it comes to my special interests. Chinchillas - my chinchilla had triplets the other day (YAY!! !! !! !! !) and all I could think about was them. I managed to devise a way to divide their cage using part of my shelf, and forming a second floor.
-I tend to think well when it comes to problem solving. My friend needed ways to make money and a whole scheme just outlined itself in front of my eyes.
-I tend to offend people accidentally. I'll say something that is perfectly 'legit' but not necessary politically correct. The worst part is, I can't easily tell if they're actually offended or just playing.
-Much sarcasm goes over my head. My brother was talking about a band called 'Thousand Foot Crutch' and I was picturing a huge crutch.
-I take things literally a lot AND read into things either too much or too little.
-My mom says I talk too much and that it tends to lean on the side of a monologue.
-I don't make friends too easily. I've been going part time to a school for four years, and I have fewer friends then when I started part time after being full time.
-I don't keep friends easily. I lost three friends for unidentified reasons, and another two for identified poking issues.
-When I am in a situation I find boring or awkward I twist left to right with my hands behind my back.


-I bend over backwards to help my friends when they need it.
-I bend over backwards to keep my friends if I find a problem with the relationship.
-My mother and grandfather and my friends parents find me sweet and polite.
-I DON'T go into a total meltdown if you change my routine.
-I DON'T go into a meltdown if there's too much sound or too little anything.
-People do tend to get along with me, it's just I come on a little, I don't know. Haven't identified it yet.
-I don't mind stimulation if it is balanced out by an activity that I find IMMENSELY enjoyable, like the Fair.
Yeah, that's it. I've been wrestling with whether I'm an Aspie or not since I was about 11 1/2, I'm almost 14 now.


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29 Aug 2012, 2:56 pm

It sounds like it could fall under the ASD criteria. And meltdowns do not have to be exaggerated fits to be meltdowns because it depends on the individual. I cannot tell you if you are or not and in a way even a professional may not be right on the money. You know yourself better than anyone else can.

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Tufted Titmouse

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29 Aug 2012, 2:59 pm

this sounds much like me apart from the way i stand its normal as far as i know ive recently been put forward for an autism assessment if i were you its worth going just to get an answer i find and at your age (depending on the country) you can get help sadly me being 21 the time for me getting social skills help or other things has sadly passed.
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29 Aug 2012, 7:06 pm

Aspies don't have friends. Acquaintances, maybe, but not friends.


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29 Aug 2012, 11:39 pm

Beat me to the punchbowl!

We also have 'associates'

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30 Aug 2012, 12:27 am

You sound like you could be on the spectrum to me. As far as friendship goes, aspies don't tend to have a lot of friends (typically 1-4), but are usually intensely loyal to the friends they do have. It's part of the all or nothing aspect of Asperger's in that you either are really close or not at all.

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