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26 Sep 2012, 1:39 am

TM wrote:
ValentineWiggin wrote:
I balloon up rapidly if I eat much more than 500 calories daily (and much lower, if they're from carbs).
Some people just have slow metabolisms. :cry:
I'm sure you eat 1200 a day because you found eating more didn't cause weight loss,
or it caused you to gain?
There's never been a study on the "starvation response" in humans that demonstrated it to cause statistically-significant reductions in total energy expenditure, so far as I am aware.

Are you sure that you haven't just been running well under starvation levels for calories per day for so long that your metabolism is completely and utterly messed up?

It was "messed up" to begin with, which was why I began eating less in the first place.
Believe me, I didn't start because it's oh so much fun.

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11 Nov 2012, 3:22 pm

Hey WP citizens,
In previous years have been using alcohol regularly for similar reason already mentioned on this forum. Two years ago i stopped completely and this event had a positive effect on my family and indirectly on me although a real escape tool was lacking but 6 months ago I ve been changing my eating pattern with only heathy stuff, no patatos , no bread. Lost. 18 kg and more importantly the wp confrontations are almost not existing anymore. So with strict stucture in feeding pattern with skipping anything sweet no bread and patatos, I can eat more in volume and it has a super influence on my wellbeing. I almost conclude that anything that gives you a kick from eatin with high ups and downs in blood sugar is very bad for feeling good.
Hoping other people experience the same poitive effect! Cheers Sperry