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07 Sep 2012, 1:22 pm

First of all I want to say that I am a buddhist, and believe strongly in peace, compassion, and nonviolence.

However I got in trouble at school. It was the last day, and the other kids were talking about the war on terror. So I said that I thought the war on terror was Mcarthian, and I did a little impression of Joe Mcarthy, and accused everyone including myself of being a terrorist, making everyone laugh.

I thought that I was making light of the fact that the War on Terror accuses U.S. citizens of being terrorists. I know that I have always hated that aspect of the War on Terror.

However the teacher, who didn't really like me anyway, went to the Dean and told him that I threatened to bomb everyone. Now the school says that they need a note from a therapist saying that I am not dangerous or I cannot come back to school.

Well I did no such thing. I don't have to apologize for my opinion that aspects of the War on Terror are about as legitimate as Joe Mcarthy in the fifties calling everyone a commie. And he didn't get expelled from school, he was a senator who made lots of innocent people lose their jobs.

But what should I do? My family is very upset about this. They want me to finish school. Should I bow down to their stupidity and get a therapist appointment? Or should I bow down to my pride and drop out of school?

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07 Sep 2012, 1:53 pm

Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer. Get testimonials from your classmates and sue the school for everything they're worth. I'm a combat vet that served in Iraq, these people don't care that they condone terrorism so long as they can change the channel when the war isn't convenient. America is the new Germany, not an exact clone, but very similar in fascism and hostile military interference with other nation-states to promote selfish goals of those in power, and now they're turning their eyes on their own citizens, just like you said.

Protect yourself, your family just wants to avoid friction, but this is bigger than you and them. This is how fascism permeates a culture, when the oppressed roll over to avoid the glare of condemnation from the tyrannical self-righteous.

Also, if people know of you as Buddhist you could throw in some religious discrimination as well. The current American culture of hyper-competitive, ignorant, neurotypites can't stand peaceful resolution, dissent, or egalitarian ideology. In the age of ignorance it is the enlightened who will be outcast and discriminated.

Either way, this isn't a joking matter. From what you're saying, the teacher and dean are punishing you based on a fabricated story, that you said you would use a bomb against people. They're lying to punish you because they don't like you, that is discrimination, cut and dry.