Autism Charities Getting Whipped by Animal Rescue Charities

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09 Sep 2012, 4:59 pm ... 2065369655

Using the above link, you can vote 2 times for free for your favorite local charity with

I have two boys on the spectrum and a history of Asperger's myself, and it is frustrating to see that the autism charities are not making the cut to share in the $ 5,000,000 giveaway to small, local charities. (I think that each may get $ 25,000, or something like that, which means a whole lot to a small, local charity).

I admit that I've recently been asked to help out my local charity--The Autism Society of Greater Austin--with fundraising. I do not agree with the views of everyone in the organization, but it helped me find a local ABA therapist, funding for my younger son to get swim lessons, play dates for my boys, and much needed emotional support. It is the happening autism charity in my community (Austin, Texas), but just about all of the parents are struggling to pay for help for their kids and are not in the position to donate funds needed to run the local charity group. There are over 600 members in just the Yahoo! group for this charity, and many more in the area in need of autism services.

Most of the people who work for the charity are volunteers, but there are a couple of part-time paid administrative employees as well as supply needs.

I do my best to try to make the members of the Yahoo group more informed about ways to find help and provide help for their kids on the spectrum--basically a volunteer Yahoo! group moderator.

Texas has recently had a bunch of deep budget cuts, greatly impacting handicapped adults and the schools, which were already underfunded.

You might have heard of the "Texas Miracle"? Taxes are kept low by failure to provide services, very strict and confusing requirements, and long waiting lists. I am a landlord and tried to find funds to help out a single mom who was one of my tenants, only to find out that the major charities help people in her situation were broke, and the state waiting lists were very long.

Looking at the leader board posted by this Chase Community Giving campaign on its facebook web page, it looks like a bunch of animal rescue charities are doing better than the autism charities.

I would prefer autism charities to get this money than charities for birds, rabbits, etc. (I love animals, but people should be first!). I've got to go see to my kids, but anyone with a minute who lives in the US, could you please cast a couple of votes for your favorite local autism charities?

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