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30 Sep 2012, 5:17 pm

I've a few fitness questions, Sure I can google it but I'd rather get the opinion of you guys.

I've recently read about how having just one big meal a day will slow down your bodys motabolism and make losing fat harder, Is this true? The reason why I ask is franky I cant afford five smaller meals a day, I only just manage a big Dinner, and Oats for breakfast and supper. The thing is naturaly am more of a Ectomorpth and always have struggled to gain weight even when taking weight gain suppliments. So should I bother worrying about the meals thing at all?

Running, About a year ago I went on a army course and over the three days I ran 10 miles with no previous preperation so I know I can run. But since I got back to scotland I just can't motivate myself to do it, I enjoy it in hindsight and even own a pair of VFFs. But the moment I start running about five mins in I get -Bored- and quit. Not exausted, I get bored. Any suggestions on how to keep yourself motivated while running? Also general running advice would be appreciated.

Am doing 15kgx2(30kg)+20kg(Barweight) Bench press, 25kgx2(50kg) + 20 kg Barweight Squats. And 25kgx2 + 20 Barweight Deadlifts. I must admit I've been neglecting my deadlifts, and my overhead press, But presuming I was to pick up on those two again and keep up this routine(Slowly lifting more when I can manage it)) Will this be enough for all around improvement or is there another excerise that's a must am missing?

The main reason for all these questions since moving to Stronglifts, Although I've long since abandoned his guide, am still following the general idea and am seeing improvements, Mainly at the moment when I flex my abbs I can make out a six pack, However it's clear I need to remove the body fat blocking it now, and I just have those doubts about the ammount I eat and the problem with running motivation bugging me.

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30 Sep 2012, 6:40 pm

Typically what I've seen suggested is to have 3 regular meals every day (breakfast/lunch/dinner) with 2 snacks in between. That's pretty much what I do and it works out well for me! And you don't have to go all out on them, just make sure you have a balanced diet. For example, I usually just eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a chicken sandwich for lunch, then make a big meal for dinner.

As for running, I've been getting back into it recently too. What I've found works best for me is to find a really nice, relaxing place to run at. I go to a lake near here that has a 3 mile trail around it; it's very picturesque and there's always lots of ducks/geese out there that I like to watch and feed. Much more exciting and relaxing than just hopping on a treadmill. I've also been listening to audio books when I run too, it makes the time go by faster and keeps my mind occupied.


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30 Sep 2012, 7:04 pm

try listening to music whilst running if you don't already? what about cycling or swimming for cardio?