Anybody looking forward to any upcoming vid games?

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09 Oct 2012, 1:11 am

Right now there's Baldurs Gate Enhanced that is coming out in November.

There's also Metal Gear Ground Zero that is coming out in the next year or two.

Other than that I'm surprised to say I'm not interested at all in Ass Creeds or some mediocre shooters that have been announced.
I think I'll spend time getting better at LoL/Dota2 while playing oldies like Neverwinter and Baldurs Gate 2, while waiting
for something interesting to be announced.


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09 Oct 2012, 1:28 am

Colinn wrote:
ebec11 wrote:
SimCity and Sims 3 Seasons XD
Besides that, I'm working on getting enough money for Sleeping Dogs, and playing some of my other games that I can't play without the graphics card that's coming in the mail XD

Sleeping Dogs is actually pretty cheap on the PC. I came across it the other day for £10, but I'm not in a rush to play it yet. Only new releases I'll be looking forward to trying is Playstation Allstars and LBP Karting. Wouldn't mind having a new FPS to play but they have become rather stale.
Really, I've seen it for $49.99 a lot. I might continue my pirate-y ways with that one XD
And it's really good, I tested it at my BFs house when we were trying out the Big Picture feature of Steam (you can play PC games on the TV if they're controller compatible), and miggggght have played for three hours while going between "I'm sorry I'm hogging the controller" and "WEE! BEATING UP RANDOM PEOPLE IS FUN!" I'm a little evil xD


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09 Oct 2012, 1:30 am


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09 Oct 2012, 8:52 am

Assassins Creed III ! !

The game series is one of my particular 'topics' and I bore people with talking about it all the time lol.
I've had it preordered since July and am going out of my head waiting for it!!

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11 Oct 2012, 6:16 pm

I want to get Xcom Enemy Unknown and Dishonored at some point, they came out this week. I just can't afford them. I am considering getting Halo 4 next month.

But what I really want to play is a long ways off still, as it is just finishing its kickstarter for it, but I am stoked for Obsidian's new RPG. Finally Obsidian gets to develop an RPG in their own setting, without a major publisher demanding/canceling features or pushing up release dates and resulting in unfinished products(Namely KOTOR 2, I am still pissed at Lucasarts for rushing that). They are a fantastic developer and write awesome stories, it will be nice to see what they can do without having to adhere to someone elses fiction. ... t-eternity