Pew: Romney Leads By 4 In Post-Debate Survey

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20 Oct 2012, 8:57 pm

GoonSquad wrote:
marshall wrote:
Well, the problem is the market fundamentalists have their religion that tells them that competition and the laws of supply and demand always drive markets into the ideal equilibrium. Nevermind the fact that they have no hard mathematical proof that prices can ever be in equilibrium. There are actually mathematical proofs that the economy cannot be in equilibrium except under very special conditions, but that kind of math is too hard for neoclassical economists so they dismiss it and wave their hands around a lot.

Anyways, I think the big multinational corporations aren't concerned as long as they can benefit off still-growing markets in the developing world. Of course there are early signs of stagnation in China now as they are over-reliant on exports and the fraction of their population that actually have enough money to participate in the economy is not growing fast enough. That and their paranoid corrupt mass-censoring government is stifling for creative people to live under and most want to get the f*** out.

Yeah, and this is the problem. Those big corps are strip mining their western markets and stunting the growth of new markets in the east.

This can't last. Sooner or later they have to reinvest in their markets or the whole thing collapses.

I know the next place these guys want to exploit is Africa, but Africa is too politically unstable and too backward to exploit anytime soon.

The holy job creators are going to have to relearn the lesson that, in a consumer driven economy, you must pay workers enough to buy the things they produce.

They're gotten fat on cheap overseas labor and deficit funded government subsidies for their consumers for far too long. The party will be ending soon.

This is why austerity is not working in Europe. The handwriting is on the wall.

Yes, it is the elephant in the room but nobody acknowledges it. Big business has also mooched off the constant low interest loans coming out of the Fed for the past ten years. The Austrians and tea party people say that's the government's fault, that government "enables malinvestment", but don't seem to realize that raising interest rates will certainly lead to a massive double dip recession that will severely punish workers. The housing bubble was also deliberate manufactured to save the economy from collapse after the internet bubble burst. Seriously, we've reached the point where the international corporatocracy has more power than governments themselves. They can effectively hold governments and central banks hostage and suck them dry. Yet nobody will admit that obvious because it's just too damn scary and it's way easier to blame powerless politicians.