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14 Dec 2006, 8:09 am


Apparantly Dan Akroyd DOES have AS! WHO says so? HE DOES!! !! I DID find a LOT of references that have no agenda and aren't part of this site. Here's one: ... kroyd.html

In an audio interview with Terry Gross, he described himself as having mild Tourette syndrome that was successfully treated with therapy when he was a preteen, as well as mild Asperger syndrome. The latter can manifest itself in a fascination with narrowly-defined interests, such as police work, and Aykroyd carries a police badge at all times. (It is unclear if Aykroyd received these diagnoses from a medical source or whether they were self-made. The interviewer indicated that she couldn't tell if Aykroyd was kidding.)

BTW In spies like us, he acts with languages, cryptography, and general facts the way I act with computers, electronics, and general facts.



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14 Dec 2006, 9:30 pm

I have seen several references to people being Aspies, but I've seen too many "stealth" minorities (religions, lifestyles, preferences) claim celebrities for their own with no real evidence. Pagans do it, and I know a lot of gay people who will confidently tell you that any actor you like is gay.

But yeah, in this case, I'd say Ackroyd is a reliable reference. :D

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