The Pirate Bay and Megaupload scandals: Never forget.

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20 Oct 2012, 1:03 am

Figured I'd chip in since this thread is derailed anyways.

All knowledge is free to be known. Whoever, on the long path hitherto, stumbles upon an idea, is of no importance. The fruits of the tree of knowledge are suspended ripe, waiting to be picked and fill the bellies of so many hungry in the soul. Were it not destined in this orchard harvested since the birth of man that we should all feast, in reverie and commemoration, for everything she hath shewn and all we create subsequent?

I understand the issue as it pertains to modern society, but I can't shake the old ideas off. Throughout history great minds have never required any motivation other than the need to pursue their inner spark. And these minds come from many different backgrounds. As far as I'm concerned this is just a property gripe, and a flex of the muscles, I remember a statistic that showed, by download count, the financial impact was about .001% or something like that. I remember when piracy was at its peak, there simply wasn't a single good alternative for digital music. The pay sites had only pop artist and were releasing albums sometimes a month later. Even copying your own disc was a painful enterprise. You had to label everything, it would take hours just create a small playlist coming from multiple discs. Files sharing simply made sense, why go through all the trouble when you have what you want ready made in front of you? Well the games changed now, it took them a whole decade to start getting it right though.