Which Jobs Require Little Interpersonal Interaction?

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23 Oct 2012, 2:01 pm

VAGraduateStudent wrote:
I would strongly caution you against technical writing. I was the manager of a technical writing department before I went back to school for sociology. It heavily relies on social skills and the way most IT/IS departments work now is through matrix organization structure, which is not very aspie friendly.

This is a very interesting comment. I looked up matrix organization structure. I'm very curious about which aspect(s) of it you consider non-aspie-friendly and why, because I only have some AS traits. Also, do you have any experience of technical writing in science or engineering work environments?

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14 Nov 2012, 10:31 pm

I find interpersonal interaction very difficult....

I have, in essence, 3 part time jobs. I'm either utterly self employed or a subcontractor for all.

1. REO contractor- basically I maintain and repair vacant & foreclosed homes for banks, and do lawncare and snow removal.

2. I dig bloodworms commercially, and baitfish commercially.

3. I haul logs on the winter roads from Northern Maine to Canada, and do some other work in the woods.

All 3 have advantages and disadvantages, but I do them a different times of year which allows me variety. Don't have much interaction with other people, and I can take my dog along for all of them. If he had his way, we'd just run the log truck all the time, but such is life.


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14 Nov 2012, 10:50 pm

Shepherd is good.
Firewatcher (seriously cool job if you like being alone)
Soil Scientist
Dog groomer
marijuana grower

Indoors or out?


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