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06 Nov 2012, 10:46 pm

1000Knives wrote:
amboxer21 wrote:
OliveOilMom wrote:

I'm not even going to read or reply to your dumb ass. You have no idea what the F**k your talking about. Period! Kick rocks.

OOM probably has a good idea of what you're experiencing. She's been in jail and arrested a couple times, even her ex-husband is on death row. She's definitely had lots of pain and suffering in her life and craziness all around her on a daily basis.

Eh, if it motivates you, good I guess, but a time will come where you must forgive others. Maybe the time isn't yet. God knows I have lots of unforgiveness burning in my heart as I speak, and part of my motivation is that, to "show everyone" over the wrongs done to me. That said, you know, the most that's ever happened is probably people seeing me now is possibly them going "Oh wow, he's jacked now." Or something. But even people's perceptions changing like that is fun.

Honestly, I don't care what OOM has been through. I spent 7 straight years locked up a kid and the first 2 years of my adult life locked up. What happened in between, is another story! I'm not trying to hear this bullshit. Why is this even being discussed. So, because one person decides to write a book of a reply, I am just supposed to see the light and change 7 years of routine and life....What did you expect to hear OOM? Oh your right, why didn't I see it that way? or OK, I'll change up what I use as my motivation because your point was so great. I asked what "YOU" use as motivation. Not what you think about what I use as my motivation.

I hope I didn't offend you 1000Knives. I didn't mean too and if I did, I am sorry. I'm just a bit frustrated!


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06 Nov 2012, 11:26 pm

Oh, it's fine, I was hoping I didn't piss you off by what I said, just I don't think her opinions are unfounded, as she has personal experience being locked up and stuff, too.

I'm happy you brought the question up, though. I was kinda faced personally with this question today, outside of this board, and I'm left with a lot more questions of what I should do. And I personally found OOM's lecture to be a bit valuable myself.


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08 Nov 2012, 4:25 am

My past and future selves motivate me- how I used to be in the darkest of places, and there was no conceivable salvation, and I am. I want to make that betterment of my life anew, over and over again, always improving.

"Such is the Frailty
of the human Heart, that very few Men, who have no Property, have any Judgment of their own.
They talk and vote as they are directed by Some Man of Property, who has attached their Minds
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