Difference between High Functioning Autism and Aspergers?

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16 Nov 2012, 8:30 pm

btbnnyr wrote:
I can't use high intelligence to compensate in social areas. I am a social dunce. I can infer almost nothing from real-world social interactions. I don't know what to deduce about people are thinking from what they are doing and saying. I can do well on some paper tests like the RMET when I am matching things, but I can't do the RMET if the test is fill in the blank. When I took the Sally-Anne Test, I was sure that I would pass it, but I followed my natural instinct to answer wrong. I have some social knowledge, but I can only use it in eggstremely specific situations. I can't talk about social things either, I dunno what are the words to use and what are the things that the words refer to. It is like I am missing this social module.

One of the issues I have with "if you're smarter, you can mitigate your cognitive impairments through sheer intellect" arguments is that often the cognitive impairments themselves directly impact one's ability to do this. One size fits all explanations where everyone with a certain cognitive makeup will work a certain way does not help anyone.


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17 Nov 2012, 8:23 am

Verdandi wrote:
b9 wrote:
why would they use the word "I" if they are referring to you?

They didn't. My point is that others have complimented me on my insight. That you haven't is not really significant. A lot of people haven't. And a lot of people have.

i can not plug the value of "a lot" into my "estimation" routine, so the execution of my response is hampered. you may be a genius, but you have not crafted a landing strip that my mind can land upon.

Verdandi wrote:
I don't think it means much in terms of what my IQ measures as.
i am quite reasonably sorry, but that sentence does not make sense to me.
whatever. i will read the rest of what you wrote at some time in the future when i feel re-inclined to participate.