Changes in routines. New styles. I hate it

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Blue Jay
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25 Dec 2006, 12:39 pm

To me, it sounds like many aspies would like it at a buddhist monastery.

To stay on-topic, there is absolutely nothing like fashion at one of those places. Unless you think of the yellow robes as a fashion, although they have looked the same for thousands of years. There are strict routines, no idle or unnecessary chatter. Lots and lots of thinking and contemplating. Little or no causes for meltdowns or attacks. Compassion, forgiveness and understanding all around.
There are very few aspects of monastic life that applies to the stereotypical NT's look on life.

Of course trhere are downsides too, like if you enjoy changing your field of interest every so often, you're out of luck.

Perhaps the topic of a whole new thread? Or perhaps it's been discussed before? Perhaps I should try the search button first next time ..?


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25 Dec 2006, 2:51 pm

Last time I looked it was model's and that that make the style that's in, the cloths company just change to fit what people have gone to, fashion = anything could be fashion slap on some chocolate and mould it into a dress and it is called fashion - slap cds together its called fashion... I don't see anyone having to fallow the trend - people wear whatever they want to wear... million's of different styles...

Does not really change - all that does is not looking for it - tone's of places that sell dif stuff...

Charity shop will have all the old stuff in - or second hand shop...

Not really the companies fault they have to or they will go broke... But some still fire out the old line as well as the new that can run both...